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The Fracturing of Public Opinion: Bulgaria's Fracking Controversy

This documentary film explores the scientific, socio-political and economic dynamics underlying the ongoing discussion in Bulgaria of the feasibility, or lack thereof, of unconventional shale gas development (commonly known as "fracking"). Of particular interest and concern is the Cold War framework which is being imposed upon this discussion, and the manner in which political considerations would appear to be outpacing hard science. Of equal concern is the profound lack of open communication and dialogue among citizenry, government and industry, coupled with the apparent impunity of vested interests. While our film focuses on three communities in Bulgaria, in light of the ongoing fracking debate worldwide, there are clearly lessons to be drawn for us all.

On May 27th, 2013 "The Fracturing of Public Opinion" was screened at the Millenium Film Festival in Brussels.

To view our full interview with Professor Anthony Ingraffea of the Cornell Fracture Group, please click here

Българската версия на филма