As one of the three founders of White Tara Productions (, Catherine Boyle worked as a volunteer producer, director and editor on documentary films shot in Bangladesh, Honduras, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Thailand, Bulgaria, Italy and the U.S.

The focus of White Tara Productions was consistently on humanitarian and social issues that do not receive adequate coverage in the mainstream media.

Based in Ireland since 2009, she continues to work on volunteer video projects.




A native of Boston, Massachusetts (USA), I have lived in Europe since 2003. My educational background is in political science (specifically, Sovietology), documentary filmmaking and non-profit management.

Note: I am a firm and enthusiastic believer in international solidarity! All of the documentary film projects featured both on this website and on that of White Tara Productions were carried out on a volunteer basis for the purpose of public education and information. No external funding whatsoever was involved.

In addition to the documentary film projects featured on this site, I am passionate about taking part in microfinance initiatives via, where my personal lender page is I hope to be able to visit some or all of these individuals in the years to come: my discovery of the Kiva initiative has raised all sorts of questions in my mind.

While on the one hand it is fantastic that microfinance institutions are stepping in to meet a need and fill a gap that has been left by conventional banking, on the other hand... shouldn't governments, first and foremost, be investing in their own citizens' business initiatives and, consequently, in their respective countries' futures? This question is especially relevant, I think, in key sectors such as agriculture. Then there is the dilemma of indebtedness, compounded by the fact that the interest rates charged by many of Kiva's partners are quite high: what level of debt is reasonable, and what is excessive? (There is ongoing discussion of this issue among Kiva's members.)

In March of 2012 I had the opportunity to visit the first of our Kiva micro-loans, through Tamweelcom in the city of Madaba, Jordan. Please feel free to visit my Jordan Page for more information!